Thursday, April 9, 2009

Louboutin- Fetish and a New Website

David Lynch and Christian Louboutin took their Fetish shoe and photography exhibit to the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow, and were both present for the recent opening party. The exhibit first took place in 2007 at the Galerie du Passage in Paris. We exhibited one of the fetish shoes created for the exhibit, a black ballet shoe with a heel so high that the toe of the shoe rests on the ground, in the Louboutin exhibit at FIT in March of 2008 (co-curated by yours truly and the wonderful Julie Ann Orsini). I find it interesting that the women in the slideshow of the Moscow opening are wearing relatively tame Louboutins- I would think you'd go all out for the Fetish party instead of wearing the Decolleté or Simple Pump, which are pretty basic as far as Loub shoes go.

Take a look at Louboutin's relatively new website. It's sort of Alice in Wonderland meets Baz Luhrmann- very quirky. Very him. There is plenty of great information on Louboutin himself in the "Louboutin World" section, but my favorite part is, of course, the collection. The "total madness" page has the shoes in little glass cases with butterflies, which is very much in accordance with his approach to the shoes; he has said that he likes to display them like little lovebirds in a pair.

As for the shoes themselves, my favorites are:
Under High Heels, the Escatin in cherry patent with gold trim- very fun, flattering, creative shape
Under Extremely High, the Jefferson Plato in Navy lizard- it's a peep-toe slingback boat shoe in lizard! I like the navy because the color scheme is preppy and traditional but there's so much funk to the whole look, and the navy and white look great with the red soles.
Under Flats, the Adona Lim Flat in any of the colors, especially the Python. I'm not usually crazy for his flats since he's so known for the red sole, which you can see better in the heels, but these are very attractive, eye-catching and wearable.
Under Total Madness, I love the Marie Antoinette shoe, which even has an eighteenth-century hairstyle complete with sailboat on the ankle strap!
Finally, under Total Madness, there is a fetish shoe from the David Lynch exhibit that is for sale- a burgundy patent pump with a 14cm heel. Not the craziest of the fetish shoes but probably the only one that is marketable.

What do you think? Which shoes are your favorites? Do you enjoy the new website?

Photo for Life Magazine by Nina Leen, April 1948. Louboutin would love these shoes, since he knows all about using toe cleavage to be provocative.


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