Friday, March 27, 2009

Coach and Bonnie Cashin

Coach has just introduced a new line based on the designs of Bonnie Cashin, one of America's preeminent 20th-century sportswear designers. Cashin designed for Coach starting in 1962 and was known for incorporating hardware into her designs (including the characteristic Coach turnlock) and using bright candy colors. Her designs were functional and fashionable at once, and like Claire McCardell, she made garments and accessories that were stylish and comfortable.

I LOVE this collection. It has a lot of the creative and useful aspects of Cashin's designs as well as some of her sketches. They often use her candy colors but also come in neutrals that might be a bit more versatile for everyday use. Here are some great pieces- it all links to the same page, unfortunately, but the items I name are some of my favorites. I love the really pricey ones too, but didn't list them because they are so expensive. Sorry I can't use the photos!

Applique-top handle pouch, Bonnie Leather Satchel, Bonnie Straw Large Zip Satchel (possibly my favorite!), Leather Olive, Bonnie Mini Crossbody (the one I come closest to being able to afford...) Bonnie Foldover Crossbody (another fave- check out "more views").

I think they're true to Bonnie- fun, fashionable, and functional . Wish they weren't so pricey!

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